Actors Headshots FAQ

Who are headshots for?

Actors & Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Models, Musicians, Stuntmen, Stuntwomen And Entertainers.

1. Do you shoot outside?

Yes we can on request, but mainly we shoot in the studio.

2. What clothes should I bring?

Bring at least 3 options. Plain clothes without patterns and good necklines will enhance your headshots. I would recommend neutral colours.

3. How many images do I get?

5 retouched digital images

4. What do you retouch?

We get rid anything that is unnatural on the day, such as blemishes, spots, marks etc.

5. Do I get any prints?

You will get digital images, but we can arrange prints at an additional cost.

6. Can I have more than 10 retouched digital images?

Yes you can, I charge £30 per retouched digital image or £75 per 10 retouched digital images.

7. Can I bring my own make-up artist?


8. Can you arrange a make-up artist?

Yes, this can be arranged for a charge of £50

9. What kind of images do I get?

You will get 2 copies of each image. One copy will be sized to 8 x 10 spotlight standard and the other copy will be for web/email use.

10. Will I get only black & white images?

No, you can have colour or both

11. Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a £20 deposit is required, paid online on this website. There is a £20 cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours.

12. When are you available for bookings?

We are very flexible and really do try and cater for you, so let us know what works better for you, this includes evenings and weekends.

13. Where is the studio?

The studio is in Twickenham.

14. How can I get to the studio?

You can drive or I can pick you up from any local station.

15. Do I need to pay congestion charge?

We are not in the Congestion zone.

16. Is parking available?


17. How to book?

Call us and we can put something in the diary.

18. What kind of photo-shoots do you do?

We specialise in People photography. This includes actors headshots, and also entertainers publicity shots, Family, children, newborn/baby photography.

19. Where do you carry out the shoot?

Most of our shoots are done in our studios.  We can travel to you if it’s a newborn/baby shoot or a business corporate headshot shoot.

20. When will I see the images after the shoot?

This will take about a maximum of 1 week from the day of the shoot, but generally it takes about 3/4days.

21. Who owns the copyright?

The Photographer will own the copyright, but you will be given a license to use the images on email, web use, and print. If you are using the image in press all we ask is that you credit the photographer. If this will be used in a commercial context please call us.